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The first platform for linking influencers and companies (or agencies) without any intermediary !
Find and contact influencers easily and quickly.

How does it work ?

Access directly to our database composed by influencers,
search them by: followers, social network, localization, age...

Link up your brand with influencers matching with your audience

Engage only people who fit to your objectives

Contact our influencers easily and quickly

Free for influencers. Monthly subscription from 100€ for companies, without commitment.

Contact the influencers quickly thanks to our functional messaging (examples, group sending…)

Make your company travel!

Every month, we organize a several day-long journey for influencers registered on our platform!

Value your company with one of our influencers' journeys

The Influencers' audience and commitment are multiplied by 5 when they are on a trip. Enjoy it

We are open to all sectors for any requests, any needs, any desires

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Customed support!

Thanks to the strength of its network and knowledge on influence marketing, WAY2UP’s team can help you with your marketing campaigns.

Reliable and appropriate influencers selection

Development of an original and creative campaign

Communication that fits to your budget

Broadcast of your product or service on social networks

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More than 2600 connected influencers !

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