Company’s rates

Choose among 7 offers to suit your needs. Way2up references all influencers from 3,000 followers

Included in all Way2up subscriptions, influence marketing for everyone :

  1. Free trial during 3 days (trial offered with digital imprint of your Credit Card at registration. Free of charge termination anytime)
  2. Unlimited access to the database of influencers in real time
  3. Contact and discussion tools integrated into the platform (help to contact through more than 10 type e-mails, registration of your type e-mails, sending of personalized group e-mails).
  4. Targeted or grouped contact without any intermediary
  5. Filtering influencers according to your requirements (Number of followers, social networks, location, age, categories …)
  6. Monthly payment from date to date
  7. Immediate access directly from payment
  8. Change of offer without any charges
  9. Without engagement

Access to the database of influencers

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